Apertures & Shutters

A Chennai based nature and wildlife photographer, Vishwa offered training in basic and advanced photography for budding photographers. He has trained over 160 people from December 2012 to March 2016.

'Apertures & Shutters' was his start up, which provided a congenial atmosphere to learn photography. A&S was equipped with a classroom cum studio floor, lighting equipment and an editing room. It was stocked with the latest photography journals and books.

A&S was formally ended in March 2016. No new workshops will be conducted. However, the students of A&S enjoy regular photography support and photo reviews. A&S has an active online forum, where new techniques are shared, photos critiqued and photo trips planned.

Vishwa will always cherish this phase of his life. The three years spent teaching photography has empowered him and has also changed his perspectives about photography. It was always a two way learning. Moreover, the friendships earned in this journey will last a life time. The testimonials Vishwa received from his students and the photos clicked over three years will forever be displayed in this page as a fond memory.

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