[ Swathi Palavesh Photo ]

Swathi Palavesh

Well, it was the day when my brother gifted me a Nikon D3300 and the next thing on my mind was to learn the basics of photography. I had to travel to chennai for a week and all I had was a week, to learn the basics. I was skeptical if there would be anybody who would be ready to schedule classes to my convenience. Then I found reviews about Viswa sir's photography classes which had 5/5 rating. I approached him the next second and he was kind enough to schedule a one on one class for me. His major advantage is his patience to teach his students 'n' number of times even if they did not understand certain things. Very flexible, highly patient, very friendly in terms of teaching approach. Overall it was a fantastic opportunity to learn from him. Not just that. The good part is, he is even available for you even after your course gets over. Amazing. Isn't it? :)

[ Naren Hari Photo ]

Naren Hari

Vishwa from Apertures and Shutters is the go-to person for photography classes in Chennai. Some may possess teaching skills but won’t be be an expert in what they do. Some may be an expert in what they do but won’t have the patience to teach others. Then there is Vishwa who is not only a master photographer but also an excellent teacher. I took the basic photography class that includes four class room sessions and two outdoor sessions. The duration of the course is two weekends (3 sessions per weekend). I can’t thank Vishwa enough for identifying the photographer in me. I see a huge difference in the quality of my photos after taking this course. I’m definitely going to come back for advance photography classes very soon.

[ Sharadha Krishm Photo ]

Sharadha Krishm

I had met Vishwa in one of the CTC photography workshops, but hadn't had the opportunity to learn from him during the camp. After that camp, I rarely took my camera out and let it rest in my almira for longer time. So I decided to assign for one of his basics classes for the heck of it, I was still not very confident of developing a passion for photography. But once into the 1st day of basics course, I found myself intrigued and asking so many questions. Now that's a very positive sign. The classes started from the very basics even starting up with the controls, which was exactly the way teaching should be: strengthening the basics. Thank You Vishwa for a photography class, that did a very important thing - igniting interest.

[ Prasad Natrajan Photo ]

Prasad Natrajan

I have gone through a couple of other photography training programs. They were mostly theory and no in-studio shooting classes and very limited outdoor shooting classes. However, in Apertures and Shutters Vishwa makes sure that he puts the class through practical application of what he teaches. There is a fair amount of outdoor shootings too and he provides valuable feedback of your images.

[ Dinesh Ramasamy Photo ]

Dinesh Ramasamy

Are you a Amateur Photographer, Photo Freak, Fond of taking photos and love to explore the Art of photography then you are at the right place. From the very basic scratch level to high level photography you can learn here and u will feel so comfortable and friendly to sharpen up your skills.I would say its worth spending time and money to learn photography skills from Vishwa, Not only u can learn but also u can get good guidance from him always and a good reviews and suggestions will boost u and your photos too :) Yo..

[ Mahimika Varma Photo ]

Mahimika Varma

It was such a good experience. Vishwa Mano here teaches right from the scratch and explains really well. I had fun in class and learnt a lot about aperture and shutter, he teaches everything practically. If you are interested in photography and want to learn right from handling your camera well to taking good pictures and editing, he is the guy. I thank him for those wonderful classes.

[ Jayashree Kesavan Photo ]

Jayashree Kesavan

This is a great place to start our photography journey ... I joined aperture & shutter .. Since I had a great passion for photography !!! I learned the basics so clearly ... Which increased my interest !!! Even after the completion of course... Vishwa guides me by giving reviews to my fotos ... This is a wonderful start for my photographic journey ... If u wanna start ur journey ... Join apertures & shutters :) Thank u Vishwa ! :)

[ Pradeep Jayaprakash Photo ]

Pradeep Jayaprakash

An old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, however to comprehend a photograph in its entirety requires a very special approach. An approach that not only makes you think the way your camera thinks but also makes you look into the aesthetics of your photographs. Photography is much more than a mere play of ISO/Aperture/Shutter speed..Every photo has to have a pay-off to the audience. Thats exactly what Vishwa teaches you in his class..Thanks Vishwa for kindling my interest in photography. This is just my first review as i am a newbie. many more to come :) cheers!!

[ Siddhartha Pulugundla Photo ]

Siddhartha Pulugundla

Apertures and Shutters,a great place to start your photography journey...i have attend the basic session...It was such a great experience... a very good way to understand the basics of photography... those were the best weekends ever...Vishwa bro thank you so much for giving many tips, and clearing all my doubts patiently ... You are a wonderful photographer, great teacher and a good friend...Thank you :)

[ Rajagopal SM Photo ]

Rajagopal SM

I am new to this field & I have attended the basic photography classes conducted by Vishwa. Came to know about his classes through google search engine only. Really, i liked his class, the way he takes the practical sessions, the way he explained the techniques very patiently. If you are a beginner & you need to learn photography, I will recommend Vishwa Mano Photography Workshops. Cheers.

[ ANISH G Photo ]


Are you a budding photographer, want to learn more and have thirst for photography and want to reach next level. Here you have Vishwa Mano, who makes you feel different from other budding photographers.I totally loved the class , the way he explains the things with practical examples is awesome :). Once you are done with the classes, you will feel the money well spent on useful purpose. I suggest his workshop on scale of 10/10. Thanks Vishwa for the wonderful workshop.

[ Praveen Jayakaran Photo ]

Praveen Jayakaran

it was a time when I had fluctuating ideas and confused about choosing a career as education didn't justify to my dreams and passion. once i decided to take photography as a fultime career, i rang up vishwa mano who i know him personally for around 6 years as a friend, we spoke for a while on the phone about the career possibilities and market about the photographer's life. and then intimated about the 8 weekends course on basic and advance level in photography he was conducting. there are too many professionals and senior most photographers of various genre across the cities today who charge hefty amount just for two days workshop and they just put up a presentation on their photograph they took and share experiences but vishwa's course seems to be cost effective and also covering many kinds of genre and topics. i decided to take up the course. the class was interactive and productive as we had many different sessions on studios shoots with models, field work like strobist, macro, star trails, bird photography etc which added more fun and hands on experience on the topic covered. we use to have revews and discussion on the next day after every field shoot each and every topic was covered indepth with patience providing an amazing platform to learn and trained to be a pro. taking up his course was a one among best decision i have ever done before and any day i will recommend to my friends and other people I know i hereby sincerely express my gratitude to vishwa mano for his awesome service, thanking you :)

[ Dinesh Kumar Photo ]

Dinesh Kumar

The photographic techniques and features taught for DSLR was very informative from handling the camera to making interesting compositions on lighting,depth of field and aligning the frame.Mainly Vishwa his in-depth knowledge in lenses,lights,composition with classic teaching skills were really good.The sessions are crisp and to the point,it will be good for a beginner.Go learn and you will not be disappointed.Value for money.

[ Rajesh Kumar Photo ]

Rajesh Kumar

I have attended both of his course, the basic as well as advanced. This guy here teaches everything from the scratch, gives importance to every minute detail which u might miss out in any other one day photography class in the city. With loads of experience, this guy guides ppl in the best possible way. His course has been designed in such a way that you even get on field experience to level one has to master the concepts learnt. Photography is an art, but one has to learn the art with the modern equipment available in the market. This guy teaches almost everything related to photography. right from the basic camera controls, flashes, lightbox, metering, photoshop to everything. The best thing is, even after your course gets completed, this guy helps in reviewing you pics and all possible guidance. you got the interest to learn the art of clicking, that is more than enough to learn from this guy :) Happy learning and happy clicking :)

[ Varun Vasudevan Photo ]

Varun Vasudevan

A very good experience to understand the basics and advance techniques of photography, apertures and shutter offers you with all the world that you need to learn in photography. With an excellent mentor in vishwa, he guides you the best possible ways and is at your service all the time when it comes to clearing your doubts or teaching various techniques or during practical application in various photo walk sessions that he takes you during the course sessions. He guides you as much as possible. Personally i can brag about that you can't learn that much of practical and theoretical knowledge in photography for the fee you pay anywhere in chennai other than here. Totally a worthy learning experience and guidance for every penny that you shell out.

[ Wnmukund Wudali Photo ]

Wnmukund Wudali

Apertures and Shutters - probably the best place in the city to learn the art of photography with an affordable fee. The learning experience was very interactive and fun. Vishwa is not only concentrating on just the. course but even after that, he also helps his students out with reviews and guideline tips etc constantly. Such reviews and tips I consider are the most essential for one to improve any skill. Clicking pictures also needs skill ! We are taught how to look at this world with a different eye - cameraTheoretical part of photography which includes composition, aesthetics etc are made very interesting by our mentor and taught to all the students.At the end of the day - it is the practicals that matter in any art form! We had field sessions and studio sessions which gave us a perfect idea about what will be the conditions we as photographers will face in real life situations. I guarantee that you will emerge out to be a very good photographer and will learn to look at things in an artistic manner.I firmly believe that Vishwa has the tact of getting things into his students minds very easily and is a great communicator :) Please enroll yourselves to apertures and shutters if you have a thirst to learn photography.

[ Ram Ganesh Photo ]

Ram Ganesh

Apertures and Shutters has shaped me a lot in Photography. I did both Basic and currently doing my Advanced level in photography. Vishwa Mano teaches every step practically and makes us learn with fun and moreover the cost is affordable compared to others Photography Academy. We the students, also share our photo in a closed facebook group and get our pictures reviewed by Vishwa and other students of the academy. This make me to improve more in my photography career!

[ Mohideen Basith Photo ]

Mohideen Basith

I would say Apertures and shutters photography academy is the best place to learn photography. And more importantly right on your budget. I learnt both basics and advanced levels here. I had many practical classes which really helped to improve my skills. And I regularly share pictures and get reviewed by Vishwa Mano. He's one amazing teacher with lots of skills and more importantly patience. I can assure you one thing for sure. You will definitely feel the difference in your composition after a&s classes. Keep up the good work bro.Go for it guys :)

[ Hari Krishna Photo ]

Hari Krishna

Had a great learning experience !! Best thing is that, the journey not only stops within the classroom, but you would even be able to attend photography trips to different places !!

[ Aparajithan Krishnakumar Photo ]

Aparajithan Krishnakumar

Attended both the Basic and Advanced Photography with Vishwa. The Best Person to learn from. Explains concepts in a way where everyone understands and confirms that it has reached.....Dont know if I would have gained knowledge if I had joined elsewhere.... The Best place to enter as a DUMMY and exit as a EXPERT...... Looking forward to have a lot of photo walks with you..... ALL THE BEST!

[ Madhu Barath Photo ]

Madhu Barath

My experience with Vishwa started before 2 years when I met him at a CTC event.He shows in depth focus to technical details.At his age he is a sound planner,focuses and specializes into areas he is confident about(Macro).Honestly in a world where people start Photography by hit and trail Vishwa helps us by providing his Knowledge/technical skills so as to stream line us and our photography. His basic approach is not to blindly ask but to understand the scenario and post your doubts. He shows great encouragement if photos meet all the critial criterias to a good photo. He is a lively person.he suggests good gears to our accessories which are economical. I wish i could have his interest at an early age to achieve some height. My suggestion : 1) Reviews of Photos taken by each persons and spending time to Improve the same. 2) More Case studies of Photographers so as to have some motivation. 3) Some Links of Articles which has direct coherance with our subject or discussions.

[ K.R. Gopalan Photo ]

K.R. Gopalan

I have completed both the basic and advanced photography here. There is no words to explain his talent. Such a talented person and a amazing teacher. Few people might have stuff in them but would not be good in explaining it to others but you are good in that too. Lot of techniques would be there but people would not be ready to teach it but you taught that too. All the best for your future... :-)

[ Madhu Vinodh Photo ]

Madhu Vinodh

No word to describe about your mentoring Vishwa Mano and you makes me feel different from other budding photographers. The way of teaching is really awesome.. and every one can easily understand your teaching style and you have a very good leadership quality.. Now i can say boldly & proudly i am a professional photographer..... All credit goes to Vishwa Mano the GREAT!!!! Thanks for your awesome workshop......Vishwa Mano.

[ Suprajha Rajan Photo ]

Suprajha Rajan

It was a great experience learning under him. He encouraged us to start our own ventures. Every patient teacher and also allows us to experiment. Would love to go back and learn more from him.

[ Placeholder Image for Swagata Chakraborty ]

Swagata Chakraborty

Brilliant photographer and teacher. He has the knack of making lessons very simple by using laymen terms. My husband and I had gone for the beginner's course. We came away very satisfied. Vishwa is very accommodating, very patient. No question is silly enough! He taught those with DSLRs and took time to teach us to use our regular digital camera as well. We hope to go back for more such workshops

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