[ Vishwa Manoharan ]

That extra hour, that additional mile;
Trekking a long lost path, walking a bustling street;
A passion for exploring, a greed to capture every moment;
The search goes on, for the best is next!


A dynamic young man with a keen eye for finer details, Vishwa Manoharan is passionate about nature and wildlife photography. He has trained under esteemed photographers, Ms. Rathika Ramasamy and Mr. K. L. Raja Ponsing.

His excellent shots and creative conceptualization have won him several accolades. His photograph themed 'Light and Texture' was adjudged the first prize by the eclectic cinematographer late Mr. Balu Mahendra and also two of his street candids were featured in the Tamil film KO directed by Mr. K. V. Anand.

Implementing his ingrained flair for teaching, he started 'Apertures & Shutters' in December 2012, offering basic and advanced training in photography for the budding photographers. A&S was formally ended in March 2016. Vishwa is now employed elsewhere. He continues to pursue his passion for nature and wildlife photography during his days off.


  • 2014-02-11 Published as an Acceptance in Macro Category, Photographic Society of Madras International Digital Salon 2013.
  • 2012-01-27 Finalist of Channel [V]'s Nokia INDIAFEST '12
  • 2012-01-20 1st Prize in Saarang '12, 'Abandoned and Discarded' (IIT-M)
  • 2012-01-19 2nd Prize in Saarang '12, 'Spirit Of Saarang' (IIT-M)
  • 2011-11-01 1st prize in Automeet '11 (MIT)
  • 2011-04-22 2 Photos Featured In Tamil Movie 'KO'
  • 2011-02-18 1st prize in Techofes '11 (Anna University)
  • 2011-01-26 3rd prize in Saarang '11 (IIT - M)
  • 2010-03-06 1st prize in Instincts '10 ( SSN ) - Adjudged by Mr. Balu Mahendra
  • 2010-02-24 1st prize in Mitafest '10 (MIT)
  • 2010-02-17 1st prize in Techofes '10 (Anna University)
  • 2009-11-27 1st prize in Velammal Culturals '09

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